band meetings.

It might sound weird, but Dave and I have business meetings. Together. The two of us. We literally set aside an evening, pencil it in on the calendar, leave the house, and have a full blown business meeting, like we’re all grown up and have real office jobs or something. Except I prefer to call them band meetings, for obvious reasons. We had a “band meeting” earlier this week – ordered our coffees, spread out some papers across the table, made notes……I loved it. Rambled on until we glanced at our phones and it was 11:00 at night. Why am I such a geek and love having business meetings with my husband in busy coffee shops??? I don’t know. But I am. I do. And I’m learning to embrace my inner geek.

We’ve had a couple of months “off” from weddings and are looking forward to getting back into the groove of things and shooting our first wedding of 2010 this Saturday. So we sat down and reviewed. Thought about the last wedding we shot together. The things we liked about our approach, the shots we got, the interactions that happened. And the things we’d change or try to improve this year. We set out some goals together, so that we’re on the same page, and now they’re fresh in both our minds as we head out to Toronto this Saturday. We talked about shots we’d like to try, reviewed our schedule for the day’s events, what things we need to communicate to one another during the wedding, split a blueberry muffin. Dave laid out what he needs from me as the lead photographer during the day to be able to do his job. I laid out what I need from him in his role as a secondary shooter. It was pure goodness. Here are a just a few of the goals we set out together – this is a bit of what we’re striving for this year when we’re out shooting weddings together:

1. We are trying to both step up and have the confidence to change things around when things aren’t working. We are people pleasers by nature. We don’t want to have to move people after we’ve already spent a bit of time setting up a shot because the lighting isn’t right or the scene just isn’t working because we don’t want to be an inconvenience. BUT our need to create amazing photos and not mediocre photos supersedes that. We need to have the confidence to go back on our decisions and make it right.
2. This one is basically a continuation of a goal that I’ve always had for myself ever since I got into wedding photography, but it’s always good to remind yourself once in a while. It’s always been my goal to allow the wedding day to play out as it would have if I wasn’t there. I don’t want people to remember the day as a series of instructions given to them by their photographer. It’s our goal to create a comfortable atmosphere to shoot within, something that feels more like a collaboration, and it’s my biggest hope that by the end of the day it might seem as though Dave and I belonged there all along.
3. We want to have at least one dance together at each wedding we go to :) To my clients – consider this your warning :)
4. We want more business meetings! We want to sit down before each wedding and go over the details together, get excited together. We want to sit down after weddings and review how it went, smile at the memories.

Band meetings: this is a little part of how we make our business work. This is what works for us. And we love it. Here’s to more band meetings :)

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