sweet mondays: keeping organized, inspiration, and bad timing.

I had such a renewing weekend. It started off with a very sleepy time out with friends on Friday night, but evolved (with the help of two mornings of glorious sleeping in) into something beautiful. A comfortable, renewing, stretching the bones and connecting with what matters kind of weekend. I think I’ll have to gather my thoughts and save it for another post, but for now, here’s my weekly look at a few things I’ve found in life and over the wonderful world of the interwebs that have made my life a little bit sweeter this past week – enjoy!

1. Etre Touchy. Someone on my twitter tweeted a link to this company that makes gloves specially for those of us who choose to live in near-arctic climates for most of the year – what a great idea! How many times am I fumbling with my camera settings wearing big gloves, or freezing to death when I have to take them off. The timing of this discovery, however, could have been better. Almost makes me sad that winter is over now. I take that back. Cool gloves, but there’s not a lot that could make me sad that winter is over! Check them out at their website: http://www.etretouchy.com/ (And there’s always next year!)

2. My New Shoe Laces. Bought new shoes this past week as my old ones had a lot of mileage under their belt and they came with these crazy bumpy laces – THAT DON’T COME UNTIED! Seriously, who was the genius who came up with that? I want to give whoever they are a hug.

3. A Thing For. I found this blog this past week and have been going back for hits of inspiration…let me try to explain: inspiration boards + beautiful photos + colour palettes + evoking different moods and atmospheres = love. Or maybe I should just let the photos do the talking… http://athingfor.blogspot.com/

4. To Do Lists. Every Sunday night/Monday morning I sit down and make a list of things I need to – and want to – accomplish in the week ahead. It totally makes me feel prepared; makes me sleep a bit easier at night; makes me feel like I’ve got a game plan, a challenge – the challenge is to complete the list! And there’s nothing better to me than crossing things off. Maybe I’m just an organizational freak. But it works wonders for me.

And speaking of my to do list….I’d better get to get to it! Wishing you a great week……xx

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